Geeks, The New Jocks

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Have we all noticed that the large majority of society seems a little dense lately? I’m not blaming the jocks here. I am blaming pop culture which has admittedly always held a hand in shaping the minds of the masses.

In 1950 Dr. Seuss published a book titled If I Ran The Zoo in which the term ‘nerd’ was used for the first time in modern English and disseminated by the Fonz in Happy Days. The term became the description of the over achieving College or high school outcasts persecuted by the jocks, frat boys and cheerleaders . In Australia the social hierarchy mirrored that in the US.

The definition of a geek is; “a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialised subject or activity. “

The differences between geeks and jocks may appear worlds apart but they have more in common than meets the eye:

  1. Loving data

Geeks – Non-mainstream: computer, technology, and science. Video games, engaging in intellectual debates

Jocks: Jocks consume statistics about sports. Knowing batting averages, met yards per passing attempts

2. Engaging in fantasy

Both geeks and jocks love to simulate and be parts of worlds they love. Geeks may do this through role play (dungeons and dragons) while the jocks may engage in fantasy football

Both geeky and jock-like stereotypes have transcended pop culture. You just have to glance at the latest box office smash hits to see this point proven.

Geeks are the new cool according to Huff Post. With super rich Mark Zuckerberg, The late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates the landscape of who we marvel and why this has shifted from celebrity and sport. Geeks are now in every part of the economy; tech innovation industry needless to say and we are in awe of them.

As a society, we are striving for more knowledge, education and skills. Are we becoming geeks? I’d be happy to fall into the category of brains and innovations.

It’s ok to be a geek/jock hybrid in 2015.

Times are changing.

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