Married At First Sight, Unless You’re Gay

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Diego Peralta

Love is love. Love knows no gender. Separate but equal is not equal. We know this. We have evolved over the years to accept that this is the inherently correct narrative of not only the world but also what should be our State.

Seeing shows air like the Australian adaptation of the Bachelor in which 500 women cat fight over one man, or ‘come dine with me’ in which 50 men compete for the affections of one woman can make anyone cringe. Let’s not forget the little gem ‘Please Marry My Boy’ where the mother is in the drivers seat deciding who the son should marry.

Let’s pause for a sec. It’s all in good fun, but they are all game shows. Cheap to produce and ratings bonanzas for the networks.

They are shows in which the heterosexual courting ritual is trivialised for 15 minutes of fame and completely highlights the worst traits about women and men.

Now Australia (that’s you) is being asked, ‘would you marry a stranger?’ Most would answer ‘no’ but hey it’s show bizz so what the heck.

The premise to ‘Married At First Sight’ sees four men and four women paired and thrown down the isle, they say I do, they go on a honeymoon and then meet the in-laws. No punch line required. That’s the whole joke.

Now when we have a Prime Minister who answered in 2013 “I’m not someone who wants to see radical change based on the fashion of the moment” when asked asked about the issue of gay marriage on Sydney Radio 2SM. You have to wonder how in touch with reality this man is.

One of the definitions of radical: ‘thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional forms’

I’m confused Prime Minister, what accepted and traditional forms are the bunch of fame hungry slags and tramps on the aforementioned shows adhering to?

His ‘fashion of the moment’ needn’t a comment. His imaginary Press Secretary was busy not existing as usual.

The ‘ruining the sanctity of marriage’ argument doesn’t fly anymore. Not when it’s already ruined. Allowing same sex marriage will repair the damage already made to the sanctity of marriage. Same-sex couples REALLY want the right to marry. REALLY want to have families – and they don’t need to be part of a trashy game show to do it.


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