Where the F*ck are these people supposed to go? A Humanitarian crisis.

The writer's headshot
Diego Peralta

The are no greener pastures for asylum seekers. The current government has not solved problem. Don’t be fooled. They may not be dying near our shores, they are just dying elsewhere. And Manus Island – a solution or a problem? Our neighbours such as Malaysia have adopted a approach similar to Australia which is a ‘we’ll take them as long as we can resettle them elsewhere’ approach. So instead of working together with our neighbours, we are passing around human beings seeking a safe haven. Lovely isn’t it. Tony Abbott’s ‘Nope, Nope, Nope’ in response to resettling asylum seekers stuck out at sea just oozes humanity. What a champ.

The Human Rights Law Centre has repeatedly suggested regional neighbours, the UN and Australia need to ‘find safe pathways to protection’. According to the HRLC, our refugee intake has been slashed by 6250 places. We should be outraged and we should be ashamed. We couldn’t appear more heartless. I am ashamed. I am saddened that I live in a country that demonstrates such little regard for human rights. The United States is in talks to take some of these refugees. The US! On the other side of the planet!

I say to you Tony Abbott: ‘Nope, Nope, Nope’ you won’t be getting my vote at the federal election.

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