Turned 30? Run For The Hills! (Nah)

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Diego Peralta

I recently turned “the big” 30, and while I had no meltdown, I did quietly tally up my achievements compared to others. Others being the operative word here. Others meaning society. The panic attack ensues when you realise that you have breached the very foundation of a normal social conduct by not having ‘figured it out’ yet.

The media tell us, movies and pop-culture tell us, as does social media; and we’re all infected with this expectation.

Source: thestocks.im
Source: thestocks.im

I’m still navigating my way through life. I’m still figuring things out, and no, I am not looking to buy property anytime soon, thanks.

This isn’t about motivation. There’s plenty of that. It’s about finding your ‘jam’ and that can take years or trying different careers and courses. So what?

There is nothing more appealing than talking to someone about their passion that they fight to live and breathe, as opposed to hearing about someone getting another bonus.

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone that followed the textbook life and are happy and successful, we’re all happy for you. Textbook just isn’t for everyone, and it certainly shouldn’t be what we measure ourselves against. Life is too short. I’m not waiting for the balloons to drop.

source: splitshire.com
source: splitshire.com

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