Are human beings capable of letting go?

I’ve been finding the more I look at the adversarial nature of humanity, the

Joeanne Isaac
Joeanne Isaac

more  I find myself longing for something to unify it. Something to help us all understand ourselves well enough to begin to properly understand each other.

I wonder if one day there will be a go-to manual of human consciousness; a transparent, well written, secular guide? Something we can all access, that transcends culture and tradition. Perfectly articulated words, strung & bound together with the sole purpose of assisting each and every one of us; to guide us, help us navigate the complex and uniquely individual experience that is life.

Imagine a practitioners guide to understanding human emotion and unlocking the potential benefits of pain. A how-to for treating and combating trauma, or meditate through the most difficult of crises. A way to learn to focus your intent, how to feel your body, understand your thoughts, and listen to your intuition. The list goes on. I often wonder if it would be possible for it to exist, or even if one exists now. If it does, how accessible is it? How many things would be at risk if humans unlocked their true, dormant potential collectively? How many institutions would crumble? How many processes would fail?

So much would have to change. Are we prepared as a race to be the ones that changed the entire system? It would take an amount of courage we probably can’t conceive of. Anyone who is prepared to question the world around them, in a spiritual or even physical way needs to do so courageously. I mean, who knows, these words may just entirely be meant for you, to start you questioning.

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