Vegas Calls For Our Women Of Steel!

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Diego Peralta

You may remember our previous piece on our women of steel. The Brazilian Altermira Schliebe; her progressive functional training  goal to get to Vegas to compete in the Womens Bodybuilding PNBA  International competition. She is one step closer after snapping up 3rd place at the National Championship Australia Natural Bodybuilder. I caught up with our champion via email from Perth as the dust settled from her success:

You got classified 3rd in the National Championship Australia Bodybuilder Natural. You seem very excited. Does 3rd place feel like 1st place to you? If so why?


Yes, all I wanted is the classification, regardless of the position. Since the very beginning, I always said that I’m competing against myself, because I know how far I’ve come and how far I want to reach. So I understand that every single girl has their own story, and how special that moment on stage means to them and we all try our best in our own pace. It feels like the mission is completed. It also felt like a mix of emotions.

You are now going to Vegas to compete on the international stage. This has been your goal for a long time. How does it feel to be so close to achieving your goal?

it felt so good and yet feels so unreal. It’s like going to bed and when you wake up you realise and say: “OMG… the countdown for my dream has began”
Regardless of how hard it is or will be my day, as soon as I remember, I smile and regain the will to keep going on and winning.
Honestly, it’s unmeasurable, unexplainable this feeling. This dream felt so distant, so hard to achieve and now it feels like “I’m 2 steps away from heaven”

Functional training has been your tool to mould your body into the competing machine we see now. How have you kept yourself motivated all this time, which really seems like a full time job?

Definitely the functional training is what gave me incredible results, perfecting IMG_3802techniques and challenging my limits and resilience. Respecting the natural body movements like crouching, pushing, spinning, jumping and running. A combination of all movements integrating all muscles and not working some isolated one. I fell in love with this training and I found myself. I improved my coordination, balance and strength in a very short time spam.
Now this is my lifestyle with a lot of focus and dedication, along with a 10h of working routine and 2 daily trainings and also cooking my own food to avoid the temptation to escape my diet

We know you’re going to win in Vegas but we have to ask, what will come next for Altemeria when she becomes champion?

Well, as I said, it doesn’t matter the results. The fact of being there is enough to IMG_3803make me feel like a champion (laughs). After that, it will be one task fulfilled and heading to another. With my experience I want to work with people who want to improve their mind and body, achieving their personal realisation.
Finding out about my potentials and skills, I learned a lot more about myself and my ability to overcome my limits and adverse situations. It’s something that only depends on you and what you want. Being faithful to your own feelings and yourself, building your own path and writing your own story. Believe in yourself, you can do it. Your dream is in your own hands.

Remember this key concept Your body is a adaptive machine and it’s almost a game. Don’t feed yourself the wrong foods. Take care about yourself and feeling healthy.

IMG_3799Wise words from a women living her dream. We will follow Altermira to Vegas!

HypeWriter is so proud of you!

The writer's headshot
Diego Peralta

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