Creative Ways to Go Solar

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Diego Peralta

Solar power is the new way to toast sliced bread

Remember those three dirty words: ‘the carbon tax?’

Flogged in the national political conversation, conflicting views go head-to-head in the renewable energy boxing ring. Understandably, this can leave one feeling battered and confused. This can be enough to put anyone off bothering to make the switch to green. Let’s break it down:

Solar Power is in the lead as the renewable energy most invested in globally. There has been a 20% increase in investment since 2012 and Australia is amongst the top 10. Makes sense. One thing we have plenty of is sun. So what’s so good about solar?

Get Creative

As solar power continues to dominate the renewable energy industry, creative ways to utilise this energy source are popping up everywhere. From the Sun King Pro solar powered home light and phone charger, to cooling and electricity producing panels, to the ‘tiny house’ movement.


The solar powered home light is 10 times brighter than kerosene, provides 45 hours of charge with a battery of life of five years. With USB port and phone charge – this is one advantage solar power can provide out door lovers who camp off the grid.





A Swiss company has developed a new type of solar panel. It works by


reflecting visible light while allowing infrared rays to penetrate the panel. This helps to both cool the building and reduce energy demand while producing energy. This would suite homes and small businesses!




Tiny living is a social movement involving the downsizing of living spaces to all


shapes, sizes and a focus on simplified living. The aim is environmental conscious living by being self-sufficient such as being solar powered. Who knew being green could sound so cute!

Skyrocketing Electricity Prices

The graph looks bleak but gives more reason to switch to solar power to save on energy bills and your children’s; children will thank you.


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