Woman Of Steel: INBA Title Win Attributed To Functional Training


Standing alongside 2015 INBA Women’s title winner Altemira Schliebe and her trainer Michael Mischefski, I can feel the mutual respect they have for one another.

I met with them at F45 South Melbourne for a chat.

The dynamic pair met two and a half years ago. Michael was the only trainer at the gym they both worked out at that wasn’t too intimidated to approach Altemira. She looked fit, was in great shape but Michael knew she could use an extra edge. Altemira began noticing how Michael trained his clients and her curiosity to try new challenging ways of training led to her taking up a session with Michael. One session was all it took.

Michael has a background in gymnastics. Functional training is how he has always trained himself and his clients. Functional training to him you could say, is a way of life. “Functional training is effective, efficient movement. Having the body move the way it’s supposed to move everyday “Michael explains.

Altemira always led an active life in Brazil, where she grew up. Whether involved in sport, outdoor activities or martial arts; her father pushed for her to hit the gym at the tender age of 15. She was a petite teenager and her father thought a bit of strength and size would benefit her. She didn’t know it at the time but this would be the impetus to her bodybuilding glory.

It wasn’t until training with Michael that competing in competitions seemed like a possibility. Altemira’s ascent wasn’t without a few hiccups. Against Michael’s advice Altemira put herself in the bikini category in the 2014 INBA competition out of fear she didn’t fair up to the girls in the figure category. She was too defined for the bikini category so this resulted in a dismal outcome. Then with four days prep she redeemed herself by placing 2nd in the ANB competition the same year.

Alt FeatureHer victory at this year’s INBA was a year and a half in the making. Functional training and nutrition were, and still are, at the very core of what made her successful. When I asked Michael if he believes functional training was what pushed her over the winners line he answered “Absolutely. If she wants to put on size that can be done through functional training and nutrition. She looked good doing what she was doing two and a half years ago. I got her doing functional training and she got stronger and leaner. The difference between the way she looks and the way she is that her muscle is actually useful as opposed to being just for show which is the norm in bodybuilding.” Before this interview I had the chance to watch Altermira train and I can say without a doubt that she moves like a machine. Her technique doing very difficult compound movements is flawless.

Taking out first place this year was an honour for Altemira “I know how much hard work goes into competing in these competitions. I looked around at my fellow contestants and they all looked great and I knew how hard they hard worked. To take first prize was such huge reward for the hard work and discipline that went into the preparation”.

“I was over the moon” Michael says at her winning. “I was telling everyone I could that she had one won. I was so proud”.

Altemira advises anyone out there looking to compete that it takes determination, focus and discipline. “They have to really want it,” she says.

Altermira’s journey doesn’t end here. She competes on the 7th of June at the NABBA with the goal of reaching the international stage at the PNBA in Las Vegas. There is no stopping this formidable force!

Drawing inspiration from her idol Brazilian fitness model Bella Falconi and motivation from those who overcome adversity to achieve great things, we believe that Altermeri’s story doesn’t end here.

“Once I am done with the competitions I want to do for others what Michael has done for me.” She says. “I want to help people transform their lives and achieve what they think is impossible”.

I asked Michael to describe Altemira in a few words. He answered “Selfless and beautiful inside and out”.

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