Why Chelsea Clinton Is More Woman Than Any Jenner/Dashian Put Together

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Diego Peralta




How can that clan-of-dashians have more street cred than Chelsea Clinton? The clan-of-dashians (I’m coining that term, cause they’re multiplying) repertoire includes nothing more than exposing every crevasse left unexposed for the world to see. Figuratively speaking, I assume. Now the clash-dash are launching apps, including the baby Jenners, so we can watch them constantly on their app; around the clock, individually, for a price. Of course. Evil geniuses? Sure. Curing cancer? No. Contributing to the pollution of young minds? For certain.

Source: US Weekly

Chelsea Clinton has had a hard life in the spotlight too. She grew up in front of the world, and was dubbed ugly and therefore un-newsworthy by the media, unless it was about how ugly she was. Let’s not forgot some very public poor decisions her father made that further added negative connotations to Chelsea Clinton.

She rocked as an undergrad at Stanford University, masters from Oxford, Columbia and back to Oxford for a PhD. in international relations.

The woman has been busy whilst reality celebrity culture went up and down a stripper pole a couple of times.

Clinton has co-chaired many organisations that cultivate the arts and education for all Americans. She is co-chairperson of the family’s Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation raises money with the hope to improve global health, creating opportunities for women, promoting economic growth and education in impoverished nations.  Chelsea is a tireless advocate for the foundation

Privileged kids really can grow up to make a difference in the world. What is considered the zeitgeist today needs to change. People like Chelsea Clinton should be revered as role models. She is more woman than the clash -dash – clan put together.

Source: Clintonfoundation.org
Source: Clintonfoundation.org

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