The Worlds Quirkiest Places To Have A Feed

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Diego Peralta

Life is what you make of it. Lunch is what you make of it.

What’s stopping you from feeding that appetite for the outrageous? Search for quirky restaurants that blow your mind, bellies, and senses and redefine the word dine. We have five kooky suggestions so pack your mountain hikers, prepare for the unknown and leave any phobias of heights and the dark behind.

A simple choice of quirky restaurants can turn lunch into a playground of unique culinary ventures that will tickle your taste buds with good food served with a side of spine-tingling peculiarity. Dining is just part of the experience as you play with fire, darkness, mystery and reach new heights.



All dressed in white, you, your friends and thousands of others are whisked away by chartered buses to a secret location where pop up restaurant ‘Le Diner en Blanc’ by François Pasquier is waiting to greet you with the restaurant’s set-up ‘pearly white gates’ luminous shimmer. Previous locations include Martin Place in the heart of the Sydney CBD and by the lapping shores of Bondi Beach. This March it’s finally Melbourne’s turn! Diner En Blanc is a worldwide phenomenon.


Off the coast of Spain lies Timanfaya National Park on the Island Lanzarote. Over thirty volcanoes erupted


within six years in the 18thcentury and to this day the land remains baron. Mother Nature’s fury works up quite the appetite. The volcano tour whisks you to the appropriately named restaurant ‘El Diablo’. The menu consists of a three-course meal of various meat and fish dishes cooked over a grill directly over the active volcanic ‘s heat. Eating food grilled off an active volcano named after the devil must be good. Bon appetite.


O.Noir in Toronto appears like your typical sophisticated


restaurant at first glance, and it is apart from the absence of one thing. Light. Dining in complete darkness, O.Noir hopes by immersing its guests into darkness that taste, textures and smells come aliveand are understood and appreciated, creating one unique dining experience.

Dizzying Heights


What do you get when you take a dining table that sits 22 guests, a staff of three including two wait staff a chef, a crane and 50 metres between you and the ground? ‘Dining in the Sky’ Melbourne. It costs a pretty penny but you get what you pay for – alfresco dining with a 360 view, food cooked by quality chefs and your own private piece of the sky.



“Two for coffee? Let me show you to your hammocks.”



Mahika Mano Hammock Café & Gallery in the Kichijoji district of Tokyo have taken quirky restaurant, relaxing and cappuccinos’ s to a whole new level. At what may appear initially as an abstract art piece with hammocks galore, once you retire to your hammock, newspaper in tow with your coffee order it’s way, heaven forbid you’re ever seated in a chair at a café again.


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